Bulawayo Police have arrested hundreds of private kombi taxi operators in an operation that started yesterday.

Speaking to CITE, police spokesman, Abednico Ncube said:

Police in our province in conjunction with all our departments (support unit, crime prevention unit, city council and the VID , have embarked on an operation code-named:

No to non ZUPCO Kombis, No To Mushikashika, No to windi. No to illegal operation.

In this operation, which started yesterday, has seen a total of 120 motor vehicles, buses, companies in private cars being impounded.

n detail a total of 30 will did that is without us being detained in there as opposed to appear in court.

This is in an effort to bring sanity to town. We have also realized that touts were becoming rowdy to the extent of attacking police officers. We are appealing to our people of Bulawayo, and say peace be unto you.

We are never going to fold our arms, watching people, neglecting or violating the law as they wish. These touts have been mobilizing some unemployed youth to engage into anarchy , attacking police officers. 

A police officer was hit by a stone. That will never be tolerated.

Kombi owners will also be arrested. We will  take them along with them, and will not only bd charging the driver, as the owners are also involved by allowing their motor vehicles to be used illegally.