Tanzanian President John Magufuli Transferred to India

Tanzanian President, John Magufuli is reportedly to have been transferred to India for treatment.

According to the opposition leader, Tundu Antiphas Lissu , Magufuli was transferred yesterday.

“Latest update from Nairobi: The Man Who Declared Victory Over Corona “was transferred to India this afternoon.” Kenyans don’t want the embarrassment “if the worst happens in Kenya.” His COVID denialism in tatters, his prayer-over-science folly has turned into a deadly boomerang,” tweeted Tundu.

Meanwhile several opposition members in Tanzania have called on the authorities to release news of President John Magufuli.

Magufuli has not appeared in public since February 27, prompting questions about his state of health.

Rumours have swirled on social media about if he has contracted coronavirus, especially in neighbouring Kenya under hashtag #pray4magufuli.

Magufuli has heavily played down the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, claiming Tanzani had freed itself from the Covid through prayer.

Magufuli also rejected any lockdown or measures such as mask-wearing.