WATCH LIVE : Chamisa Presents One Of His Weakest Speeches – Agenda 2021

WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe Media unpacks the Agenda 2021 speech that was presented by MDC Alliance President, Nelson Chamisa, this afternoon.

The speech was pre-recorded and heavily edited.

The new party is CCC – Citizen Convergence For Change

Key points from the speech

1. Chamisa said 2021 was characterised by authoritarian consolidation by the oppressor.
2. By elections have been suspended indefinitely.
3. We refuse to be as victims, but as winners.
4. In 2021 he will consolidate his position as the genuine opposition leader.
5. Those who have left the MDC Alliance are mercenaries.
6. The oppressor wants to create a controlled opposition.
7. We must peacefully resist the companies that support the oppressors.
8. We will embark on a recruitment drive at home and in the diaspora.
9. The churches, students, vendors, it’s time to converge in a broad alliance.
10. Chamisa presented the five areas of focus for 2021: The people’s agenda, the citizen’s agenda, the reforms agenda, the government agenda and the global agenda.
11. Young people remain on the fringes of the political space.
12. We are going to rely on our members for funds. We will embark on a massive fund raising campaign.
13. There is a deficit of legitimacy, Zimbabwe need a to return to legitimacy and democracy. The nation is divided.
14. No to a GNU – Dialogue not to share power, but to share a vision. Chamisa contradicted Biti on dialogue.
15. Petty arrests are damaging the image of Zimbabwe.
16. Zimbabwe must dollarise, so that there is no arbitrage.
17. We will push for the diaspora vote.
18. Problems in the local authorities are caused by the lack of authority and accountability.


– Chamisa’s speech lacked detail on what he will do. He failed to unpack his five areas of focus.
– Chamisa failed to address how he would win the 2023 elections.
– Chamisa continuously called Mnangagwa the oppressor and on the other hand asking for dialog.
2. Chamisa failed to announce the new name for his political party.
3. Chamisa failed to acknowledge the Chitungwiza and Harare house demolitions.
4. Chamisa failed to address the issue of sanctions
5. Chamisa announced a number of initiatives including the New Africa focus, Dialogue Series,