A group of young demonstrators have promised to return to the streets by Monday if an unfavorable decision is taken against the man they consider their president, Ousmane Sonko.

The youths issued a warning to the President of Senegal as they seek to get their leader freed.

“We issue a warning to President Macky. Let him know that he has not touched Sonko but the youth, because Sonko is the hope of an entire nation. All we want is for him to set him free. If he doesn’t, today we’re on a break, we’ll listen to him by tomorrow. If we don’t hear from him we’ll do worse that we have already done,” said one of the protesters.

Sonko is due to appear before a judge in Dakar on Monday to face questions about the rape charge.

Sonko is seen as a potential challenger to Sall in 2024 but his political future came into doubt in February after an employee at a beauty salon where he received messages filed rape charges against him.