Controversial Apostle Talent F Chiwenga says its not possible for Scientists to come to God with the wisdom of the world because he the creator of the universe knows everything.

He said people cannot discover new things in the world and try to educate God about it because He is the owner of everything and knows the dangers and benefits of everything in it.

“That’s why now people are still discovering new animals, new plants, people are still discovering today New minerals, indeed. You are discovering something that God created a long time ago. He knows everything”, he said.

Chiwenga said everything people have learnt was written by some men whose understanding is limited to the faculties of the human brain, the human mind.

He urged people to follow biblical teaching and the spirit of God instead of basing on human knowledge.

“You bring your expertise, your experience, your acquired knowledge, I made a metallurgist, I’m a structural engineer, I am a physicist, you can’t come to God with essential knowledge”, he said.

He said the omnipresent God knows better.