Trauma, anger as survivors and witnesses in Ethiopia’s embattled region recount how civilians were sexually assaulted and killed by troops from neighboring country.

Eighteen year old Mona Lisa Abraha says December 4 is a date that fills horror to her. She says Eritrean soldiers entered her village of Tembin in Ethiopia’s embattled region of Tigray.

“They tried to rape me and I was thrown to the ground. Then one of the soldiers fired bullets to scare me, but they hit my hand and then fired another bullet that went through my arm,” Abraha said.

Witnesses, survivors and residents also said forces from Eritrea committed egregious crimes after entering Tigray to support the Ethiopian military against their long time foe.

Saba a displaced woman said she was part of a group of girls who managed to leave the village but on the road they were caught by Eritrean soldiers.

“More than 10 soldiers took turns raping us,” said Saba.

“My husband was killed in our village,” another displaced woman from Mai Kadra said.

She blamed Eritrean troops before pleading: “Tell the world we are dying”.

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