Former VP Kembo Mohadi attends ZANU PF Politburo Meeting

Former vice president Kembo Mohadi is attending ZANU PF Politburo meeting in Harare after resigning as VP amid s_exual misconduct allegations.

Zimlive reports that Emmerson Mnangagwa has discussed finding Mohadi a role at the party HQ, even allowing him to stay on as second secretary at least until the next congress.

Mohadi who resigned on Monday denied the allegations levelled against him.

Professor Jonathan Moyo said Mohadi resigned as VP for Zimbabwe not as ZanuPF’s Second Secretary & Vice President.

“In his resignation statement, Mohadi said, “I am stepping down as Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe”. He didn’t resign as ZanuPF’s Second Secretary & Vice President. As the party’s politburo meets today, he remains one of its two VPs!”.

Moyo said Mnangagwa wants Mohadi to remain in his party position and thus to be the most senior party leader at ShakeShake Building on Rotten Row!

“Mnangagwa’s securocrats believe that Mohadi’s salacious phone-chats were leaked by State House enemies whose real target is Mnangagwa himself & hence they want Mohadi to remain as ZanuPF’s Second Secretary & Vice President at Party HQ; to weather the storm, and fight back!”, he said.