Chad Military Raid Opposition Candidate ‘s Home: Mother, Son, three others Killed

Yaya Dillo, the opposition leader in Chad has been left mourning after security forces raided his home in N’Djamena and killed his mother, son and three relatives.

According to multiple reports, the members of the presidential guard headed by the son of Chadian President Idriss Deby, raided Dillo’s home on Sunday 28 February.

However a governmental statement said the raid was an operation to arrest Dillo, whom it said failed to respond to two judicial mandates.

The government also said forces opened fire after being met with armed resistance.

Meanwhile, Netblocks, a UK based service that tracks internet disruptions, reported that internet access in N’Djamena was disrupted on Sunday.

Dillo was a rebel leader who fought against Deby in 2006 before joining his government and becoming a minister.

He is also part of 16 candidates set to compete with Deby in April’s election.