Souljah Love’s BMW X3 Crashed By Friends After His Death

In a shocking development, the few assets that Souljah Love left appear to have been lost even before he was buried.

His family is said to be engaged in a vicious fight over his unreleased music, residential stands and cars.

The family is said to have fought publicly over the musicians property which included a BMW X3 and two residential stands.

On the day of Souljah Love’s burial, his phone was stolen and was later found in Mbare. However, by the time the phone was found, the memory card which had over 100 unreleased songs on it was missing.

The family has now hired lawyers to stop Harare music producers from releasing and distributing the 100 stolen songs.

Harare lawyer, Cornwell Muteve, who was hired by the family, said the family does not want people to enrich themselves with Souljah Loves work.

Souljah Love died last week and was declared a liberation hero.

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