Caster Semenya Files Law Suit At European Court of Human Rights

Prominent South African athlete, Caster Semenya says she is ready to file a suit at European Court of Human Rights.

In a tweet, Semenya said the fight is not just about her but it’s about taking a stand and fighting for dignity.

“This fight is not just about me, it’s about taking a stand and fighting for dignity, equality and the human rights of women in sport. All we ask is to be able to run free as the strong and fearless women we are!! Thank you to all of those who have stood behind me,” tweeted Semenya.

The lawsuit is to challenge perceived discriminatory World Athletics regulations that prohibit her from competing in certain women’s track events unless if she medically lowers her naturally high testosterone levels.

The women have three options to lower their testosterone levels and these include taking daily contraceptive pills, using hormone-blocking injections and having surgery.

Semenya is not the only athlete contending with this issue.

Two other Olympic medalists from Africa, Francine Niyonsaba of Burundi and Margaret Wambui of Kenya, have stated that are bound by the same rules.

Read the full statement by Semenya below.