Gambakwe Media sources have exclusively revealed the work history and police record of Susan Mutami, the mysterious figure who has hogged the limelight in Zimbabwe for the past 2 months.

Bona Mugabe Links

Our sources have exclusively reveal that Susan is a close friend of former Zimbabwe President, Bona Mugabe. According to our sources, Susan was also close to former Zimbabwe youth minister and G40 kingpin, Saviour Kasukuwere.

Our sources said Susan would often receive phone calls from multiple government and military figures in while she lived in Australia.

The sources said a day would rarely pass before Susan talked to Bona. However, it is not clear how Susan and Bona met.

It is also not clear how the relationship between Kasukuwere and multiple military and government figures developed.

Work History

Our sources, who are very close to Susan, said she never qualified as a nurse or a Doctor and never attended any university.

She attended a home nursing or first aid course which allowed her to work in a home. At the time, our sources said there was a scam where some Zimbabweans were obtaining dubious qualifications as a way of settling in Australia.

Our sources said Susan paid Zimbabwe journalists who wrote glowing articles about her in major Zimbabwe newspapers and then used those articles to get closer to powerful Zimbabweans.

According to the resume seen by Gambakwe media, Susan is fluent in Portuguese, English, Shona and Afrikaans.

According to her CV, Susan Mutami has the following qualifications:

  • Victoria Certificate of Education –Stawell Secondary College 2008
  • Certificate 3 in Aged care (Job Training Institute 2009)
  • Certificate in First aid (Victoria University HLTFA301B)
  • Certificate 3 in business administration-Suzan Johnson Training Organization
    December 2013)
  • HLTCPPR201A Perform CPR – Royal College of Nursing
  • Administer and monitor medications- 14-10-11
  • Provide Responsible service of Alcohol- Edway Training Pty Ltd

Short Courses that Susan Mutami attended include:

  • Manual Handling
  • Fire Training
  • Oral and dental care
  • Computerized documentation

Susan’s work History is stated in the CV as:

  • Worked as a Carer at Elanora Aged Care Facility from November 2009
  • Worked at Eventide homes Stawell- 2009
  • Worked as a Carer at Glendale Aged Care (June 2011- October 2013).

Police records in Victoria show that in 2014, two police reports were made against Susan Mutami which were:

  • Violation of a VIO order (Violence Intervention Order).
  • Unlawful Assault.

The two incidents happened at Moira court, Taylor’s Hill on 1 May 2014 and police investigations were not complete.

According to Wikipedia, the elements of this offence are:

  1. A family violence order must be made against the accused person;
  2. A copy of the order must have been served on the accused person;
  3. The accused person must have had an explanation of the order given to them in accordance with sections 57(1) or 96(1) of the Act;
  4. The accused person must have contravened the order; and
  5. The accused person contravened the order knowing that their conduct would probably cause physical or mental harm to the AFM, or an apprehension of fear in the AFM for their own safety or the safety of another person.


  • Due to her criminal record, it is likely that Susan Mutami can no longer work in Australia.
  • Susan is likely in Zimbabwe due to her multiple connections that she amassed over the years using her fake credentials as a business woman and;
  • Susan Mutami’ s close links with various military and government figures ( Including Bona Mugabe), were likely exploited by G40.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.