Norton legislator Temba Mliswa claims Vice-president Kembo Mohadi has resigned from his office over s_ex scandals.

Posting on twitter, Mliswa said, “If what I’m hearing is true and VP Mohadi has resigned, what precedence does this set? If alleged immorality affects a single man so drastically, what’s going to happen to the married Govt Ministers and MPs engaged in such illicit affairs? Will they resign too?”

Mohadi, 71, missed a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, this comes after he failed to show up at last Saturday’s burial of ZIPRA independence war hero Moses Griffiths Mpofu at the National Heroes Acre.

Mohadi has been accused of abusing his power, office and authority to solicit sexual favours from his subordinates as well as from other powerless women in society.

Commenting on twitter a number of people welcomed the decision taken by Mohadi to resign from his post as Vp.

Linda Masarira leader of the LEAD party said resigning is the noble thing to do for Mohadi.