Prophet P Alpha today released a new prophecy about the future of Zimbabwe.

The new prophecy seems to contradict the earlier prophecy issued in 2020, in which Prophet Alpha said Chamisa will fall massively before 2023.

Adding on his earlier prophecies issued early this month, in which he said God is about to undress Zimbabwe politicians, Prophet Alpha said :

God said Zimbabweans Should Not look down upon young politicians. God said the solution of Zimbabwe is a young vessel that I have raised, even if people desert him, what has been put in him can not be removed.

The vessel that God has created is the one that will bring change to Zimbabwe.

God said the season of young people has arrived.

God said as he undresses Zimbabwe ‘s leaders, the young leaders will come up.

The beginning of change in Zimbabwe is starting with the young people.

The vessel is a lawyer and he is a pastor.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.