Apostle Ian Ndlovu of Divine Kingdom ministries says he saw in a vision a critical dispute arising between machete wielding gangs and the government in one of the countries in Southern Africa.

The man of God said people should pray for the power of cohesion between the two groups, the machete haves and have not which will see to the prosperity of the country

Apostle Ian said he saw those who were carrying machetes sitted around a very big fire and those without machetes on another side however there was a thick cloud of smoke which made it hard to recognize anyone.

He added that a spirit of confusion arose among the two groups which will be a serious threat to the peace of the country.

The man of God said people should pray for God’s intervention and the spirit of peace among every citizen.

Apostle Ndlovu said the prophecy should not be fulfilled because it will create problems for the whole of Souther Africa.