Bushiri has confimed that the Malawi authorities blocked his 8 year old daughter from flying to Kenya to seek medical treatment on Friday.

The daughter previously flown to Kenya on multiple occassions to get treatment.

In a statement, Bushiri ‘s Spokesman, Ephraim Nyondo said :

‘ I can confirm that on Friday February 19, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri ‘s daughter was blocked from flying to Nairobi, Kenya, to seek medical attention.

She was accompained by three guardians. Prophet Bushiri and Prophetess Bushiri were not part of the delegation.

The daughter was duly reffered to competent Malawi medical professionals through air ambulance.

Nyondo said the Malawi government refused to say why they blocked the daughter.

Shortly after blocking the daughter, Malawi authorities issued a warrant of arrest against Bushiri.

However, Bushiri’s lawyers obtained an Interdict against the warrant.