Vice-president Kembo Mohadi says he is innocent in the recent social media hype about his alleged illicit relationship with two married women.

In a press statement, Mohadi said the allegations are being peddled detractors.

“I wish to categorically state that the allegations being levelled against me are not only false, but well-choreographed to demean, condescend, and soil my image as a national leader and patriot”, he said.

Mohadi said according to Section 57 (d) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe of Act 2013 Amendment (No.20) his right to privacy has been trashed.

“Despite the noisy in digital media ecologies, I wish to clearly state that I am innocent and a victim of political machinations being peddled through hacking and voice cloning”, he stated.

Mohadi said netizens have blended well with networked digital architecture to destroy him however it will not work.