Popular award winning Zimbabwean journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono, has won another award after an eventful year in 2020 where he was arrested multiple times and spent months in prison.

Speaking to SABC after being announced as the Africa People’s Journalist 2020 Award winner, Chin’ono said :

I think it’s a validation of the work done by journalists, not only in Zimbabwe but on the continent. We are up against corrupt government regimes that do not care about whether people live or die, for instance in Zimbabwe.

The scandal that I uncovered and the revelations that I exposed were about a 60 million US dollar COVID fund that was being looted by people in Emerson Mnangagwa’s government and this resulted in a lot of deaths.

A lot of people dying unnecessarily because our doctors in essence do not have pp. And we, in the past, 30 days or so we’ve lost over six doctors and at one point in Chinhoyi town, 66 health workers tested positive to COVID, and most of these infections are caused by lack of PPE.

This is a direct consequence of that looting. So, this award is a recognition of the importance of journalists in trying to hold the powerful to account for their corrupt actions especially in a country in a where there is a great deal of suspicion against them.

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