93 Years Old Convict Denies Rape Charges

Chikurubi convict Lazaro Nyamusimba says he does not know anything about the rape charges laid against him.

In a video on social media, Nyamusimba says he assumes the friend who accused him of raping her 13 year old daughter is just envious of his livestock.

“The thing is I don’t remember raping this child even the Court did not ask me anything”, he added.

He further added that the child whom he is accused of raping has never set her foot on his yard.

“I told the court that these kids don’t set their foot on my yard and my grandchildren don’t minlde with them”, said Nyamusimba.

Furthermore Nyamusimba added that his neighbors suspect that he uses Juju to get good harvests.

Adding on due to age and being illiterate Nyamusimba said he does not know his sentence.