Why Strive Masiyiwa Is Building A $100 Million Data Centre in Nigeria

I am kicking off the next phase of technology in Africa - Masiyiwa

Zimbabwe Billionaire, Strive Masiyiwa, recently announced that his company, Econet Global, through liquid Telekom, is building a $100 Million data center in Lagos, Nigeria.

The data centre, named ADC Atlantic, will be the largest data center in Africa outside of South Africa.

The project has received an additional $300 Million funding from the US government. The new funding will allow ADC to expand its data centers in South Africa, Egypt,  Kenya, Ghana and Morocco.

Why Masiyiwa is investing in Data Centers?

The estimated market size of data centers is $31.5 Billion and is expected to grow to over $62 Billion. The African data center markets is expected to grow to $3 Billion at a rate of around 12% per annum.

Smart Phones

The data center market is driven by cloud computing and the rapid rise the use of smart devices. In Africa, there are a limited number of data centres, which means a user in Nigeria may need to access information that is in a data centre that is in another continent.

Governments And big companies

In the past, governments, Banks and telecommunication companies needed to build their own data centers.

In future, independent data centers will run data centers and big companies and governments will make use of these.

The future

Masiyiwa believes cloud computing driven by data centers is the next level in computing and he is making an early entry.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.