Popular Zimbabwean musician, Roki, has spoken out for the first time about growing up with the late Soul Jah Love.

Roki said before Soul Jah Love died this week, he had already been declared dead on two previous occasions, after the community heard from hospitals or from rumors.

Roki said he once stayed with Soul Jah Love, Leonard Mapfuma and EXQ at a flat that  they were allocated by Soul Jah’s brother. They lived together at Spice’s house and when the brother left for Cape Town, he asked them to take care of Soul Jah Love.

Roki said he worked with Soul Jah Love, and gave him a few tips. However, Sould Jah Love was talented and came from a musical family so he easily developed his own style.

In 2013 , Roki said he travelled to Australia with Soul Jah Love for a tour.

Roki said they played in 5 cities in Australia.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.