Self exiled Professor Jonathan Moyo says Emmerson Mnangagwa is the main cause of people’s suffering in the couuntry.

Posting on twitter Moyo the suffering will only end when Mnangagwa resigns.

“I gain absolutely nothing. The suffering of the people must end. That can only happen if and when Mnangagwa goes. He’s the cause of the suffering of the people. He must go with his ZanuPF”, he said.

This comes after UK imposed national sanctions on human rights offenders in military-run rogue states like Myanmar & Zimbabwe!

Moyo shames everyone supporting Mnangagwa who is ruining the country.

“Mnangagwa was Mugabe’s right hand man even before the gukurahundi years & was in charge of national security, justice, legal, parliamentary affairs & rural housing & social amenities; and later ad vice president in charge of economic ministries. Now Mnangagwa is ruining Zimbabwe!”, he wrote.

“Shame on you and your lot for supporting Emmerson Mnangagwa WHO IS RUINING Zimbabwe RIGHT NOW!”