Zimbabwe student activist, Alan Moyo has been released on bail after spending two and a half months behind bars.

The Harare Magistrates Court released him on remand after he was arrested for leading street protests.

Moyo has vowed to continue fighting for democracy in Zimbabwe.

Moyo was arrested on the seventh of December 2020.

Moyo was denied bail several times, but this time, the High Court freed him on bail of 10,000 Zimbabwe dollars.

He spoke to a South Africa news channel, eNCA soon after his release, and said:

Well physically I’m exhausted, Zimbabwe prisons are not very conducive for human survival.

So physical I’m exhausted but mentally. I’m on point, because I saw what motivates me to fight, I saw human suffering at the worst level.

I do not see any plausible reason to stop. I don’t see any plausible reason, I will continue fighting until the conditions in this country, change for the better for people, for the better for our nation.

We were exposed to COVID-19 at a rate that no one else in Zimbabwe in prison. 

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