The Secretary of Information, Nick Mangwana, has defended Vice President Kembo Mohadi and General Chiwenga being accused of having affairs with married women saying they are adults.

Mohadi was exposed after secretly-recorded phone calls surfaced showing he’s been sleeping with a married subordinate Abiggal Muleya and Chevaughn.

Posting on twitter, Mangwana said a woman is no one’s property despite being married.

“A lot of noise from insecure men. When married men have it off with young women, no problem. When married women have it off with powerful men all hell breaks loose! A woman is no one’s property. She can make a choice and if you are married to her and you don’t like it, tough”.

He was speaking after some had suggested that Mohadi was abusing his power and office to sleep with his married aides.

Magwana said if his wife was to cheat on him, its does not require a third party to intervene.

Meanwhile, women’s organisations are quite concerning the abuse of women by men in power.