The South African Government purchased AstraZeneca vaccine earlier this month and this week the Johnson and Johnsons vaccine is expected to arrive.

The rollout of AstraZeneca vaccine was paused by the South African government and it has been compared with J and J vaccine.

According to health department, AstraZeneca only has 22 percent efficacy on mild to moderate cases of Covid-19 501y V2 strain whereas Johnson and Johnson’s shows better efficacy as it has 60% protection for mild to moderate and 80% for severe diseases of the Covid-19.

The AstraZeneca vaccine also shows less protection against the strain of Covid-19 first identified in South Africa.

Data also doesn’t tell whether AstraZeneca protects against severe disease, especially individuals that are at high risk.

The expiration date for SA’s AstraZeneca batch is April. It remains uncertain whether the government will be able to determine effectiveness on the covid-19 and manage to roll it out before then.