9 Soldiers Killed in Mali

Atleast nine soldiers were killed and six injured in Mali’s troubled central region on Wednesday morning when their came under attack from Jihadists Militants.

The attack is reportedly to have happened at Boni, located between Doutenza and Hombori in the Mopti region.

According to multiple reports, the camp has seriously damaged and the assailants had made off with lots of equipment

The attack is the latest in a brutal conflict that has been raging in Mali since 2012, when militants overtook a rebellion by mostly ethinic Tuareg separits in the north.

However, the Malian army revealed on social media that it had received air support from France’s anti-jihadists Barkhane mission in the Sahel.

Central Mali has seen a string of deadly attacks since the statt of the year, including a roadside bomb that killed four UN peacekeepers from Ivory Coast.