Award winning, Zimbabwe Journalist, Hopewell Chinono says he has received death threats on social media.

This comes after the release of his new song  ‘Dem loot’ which became viral on the internet this week.

Chin’ono posted the threats that were sent to him in the comment section on social media, a man identified by the name Chauke Child has given Chinono threats saying he is being watched.

“His days are numbered, we are coming for him”, he commented.

“We know every step you take like I said. Your days are numbered “. He added.

Commenting on the issue on Facebook , Chinono said Chauke’s actions is a reflection of what Zanu PF does best which is intimidating people.

ZANUPF is now doing what it does best, INTIMIDATE, INTIMIDATION!

They can’t face up to the mess that they created, they can’t engage on ideas!

ALL they do is abuse State institutions like the police to arrest us, and prisons to Jail us, and violence against US!
Shameless folks!

What a USELESS man this James Chauke!

He is an empty vessel, a man with ZERO ideas and tragic emptiness!