Zimbabwean Author, Ephraim Garwe says his first book Soaring To The Top touched so many people that he wrote another 4 books in 2 years.

His latest book is titled I am more than enough. His other books are turning your pain into power, Purpose Revealed and turning your wounds into wisdom.

Garwe said he grew up in a rural area where there was no opportunity. He said he was able to turn negative ecperiences into positives.

Garwe said he grew up feeling useless and unloved. He grew up poor, went to school hungry and without a school uniform.

He says he rose from those humble beginnings to be where he is today.

Garwe said he believes in God and if the world comes together, we can overcome any pandemic.

Garwe said all his books are about goal and achieving all that they want. Anyone who reads his books will learn how to identify their dreams.

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