President of United Party For National Development (UNDP), Hakainde Hichilema has called for a sincere dialogue with emphasis that the church leads the process.

Hakainde begged Zambian President Edgar Lungu for a dialogue through a twitter post.

“We have always been ready for dialogue. Let’s allow the Church mother bodies to preside over it so that we can foster peace, democracy and decency in our country. We have officially written to @EdgarCLungu among other stakeholders. Zambia is bigger than us,” tweeted Hichilema.

In his letter to the three church mother bodies, Mr Hichilema states that the nation only had the churvh to turn to for counsel and guidance in times such as these.

Hichilema also indicated that hate speech, psychological and physical violence has reached unprecedented levels for a country that was once held in high esteem for upholding democratic tenets.