In a shocking twist,  MDC Alliance Vice President,  Tendai Biti, has changed his tune and is now calling for unconditional dialogue with Mnangagwa.

Please watch the video below to see Biti speaking to Blessed Mhlanga.

Speaking to Blessed Mhlanga on Monday,  Biti literally begged Mnangagwa to talk to Chamisa.

Biti said:

We are prepared to talk to them withoutany conditionalities, we haven’t said Mnangagwa must stop being the President before we talk to him.

Biti continued to say.

But having said that, no one can seduce us to say lie  we can not  be seduced to accept processes that we know were against our constitution, the court of 2017 and the election of 2018.

This is despite the fact that Chamisa and Biti did not condemn the coup when it happened in 2017.

In fact, Biti is still an MP after being elected in the 2018 elections.

The MDC Alliance has been refusing to join the dialogue platform set up by Mnangagwa,  POLAD, insisting that they are the only ones who should talk face to face with Mnangagwa.

Chamisa recently said he is ready to talk to Mnangagwa,  without conditions. However,  it’s not clear what is happening with POLAD as the dialogue processes have  been badly affected by the lockdown.