Casper Bonga made his own judgement and blamed God and Satan for his sins.

In a video on social media Bonga said this is a battle between God a d Satan so he won’t and should not be caught in between.

Bonga was also involved in drama with her ex wife. Bonga posted a video on social media saying he married Grace out of potty.

Prophet Magaya promised to build a house for a church member. Even after 4 years the house was still in vain.

In a video on social media,  the congregate is seen crying begging Magaya to bring her money back.

She even went to the extent of asking Wicknell Chivayo and Oscar Pambuka to come forward and help her expose Magaya to get her money back.

Magaya also once claimed that he has found the cure for HIV.

Jay Israel’s failed plot to take down Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Israel was exposes after a hidden camera recorded his plan on how he is going to come against Makandiwa but the attempt failed.

Edd Branson leaked a video of his affair with Moana. In the video the two were seen cosy exchanging sweet words.

Prophet Madungwe claimed that he went  and saw Ginimbiand Moana in hell. The prophet said the two did not save God and they had no  qualifications for heaven.

Shingi Munyeza was involved in a cheating scandal. Munyeza trended on social on allegations that he was cheating with Natalie.

T Freddy was rumours to be Gay. A Clip of Freddy after doing a makeover circulated on social media. He was seen wearing a wig, earrings and had make-up.

Passion Java’s praying tounges. Some refferd to his tounges as blasphemy.

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