The Foreign National Community in Durban is once again living in fear as foreign owned shops were targeted in the Durban CBD yesterday.

Atleast two shops were looted and set alight by the South Africans.

The police has however managed to arrest atleast one individual who participated in the looting and burning of foreign shops.

The Durban Metro Police Spokesperson, Parboo Sewpersad said the gang responsible for the violence also attacked a vendor who was sitting next to the two foreign owned shops.

The wife of the shop owner, Reema Akhtar Hoose said they lost everything.

“They came and took everything, they were throwing petrol bombs. We tried to save our lives. The total amount of the stock we lost is about R400, 000,” said Reema.

The owner of the second shop said he is still traumatised as the group of 45-50 south Africans took everything he had in his shop.

Whereas all other foreign-owned shops immediately closed their shops following the looting of the first two shops.