The Zimbabwe Senior Doctors Association Denies Claims Of Assassinating Ministers at Hospitals

The Zimbabwe Senior Doctors Association has rubbished allegations of Zanu-PF Ministers being assasinated by the doctors at hospitals.

The response by the association comes following the strong insinuation by the government Sposkesperson and Secretary for Information as being the position of government to believe there are doctors who may be acting as ‘medical assasins’.

“Such a serious allegation from a high office is regrettable at a time when all efforts should be focused on saving the lives of many who are battling for their lives against Covid-19,” said the association via a statement on Sunday.

The association also said that the medical doctors are not being appreciated in Zimbabwe whereas other government have gone out of their way to celebrate and support their health workers who are putting their lives on the line to provide care in the face of this deadly virus.

The ruling Party, Zanu-PF has lost more than 7 ministers or former ministers in a space of one week.

Among the late ministers is Retired General S B Moyo who is popularly known for his role during the coup which removed former President Robert Mugabe from power.