Drewmas Media travelled to Kwekwe where killer bulls have killed two people and have caused fear and panic in the district.

The bull is part of a herd of between 150 and 200 cattle that are living on abandoned Dunn farm.

The herd lives on a farm in the wild and used to belong to three farmers who have since died. It is said that the three farmers left their cattle with a family who lived at the farm.

After one of the farmers died, the remaining two farmers went back to the farm to get their cattle but were prevented from taking the cattle.

The people who lived at the farm also died and the cattle were left on their own on the farm.

Residents now believe that the cattle are haunted.

This is after the local herdman in the village was killed last week by one of the   killer bulls when he was herding his own cattle.

A local resident explained that the herdman was thrown into the bushes by one of the killer bulls and trampled him to death.

A local woman said children are now afraid to walk alone as they are afraid of the killer bulls.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.