Mozambique: UN Concerned About Humatarian Crisis In Cabo Delgado Region

The United Nations says it is worried over the worsening humatarian crisis triggered by escalating violence in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province..

According to the government, attacks by non-state groups have forced more that 565,000 people to flee their homes and villages, abandoning their crops and livelihoods.

Speaking in an interview with NewzRoom on Wednesday, Lola Castro, World Food Programme Regional Director for Southern Africa said the United Nations need to increase its presence in Cabo Delgado in order to help those in need.

“We meed to urgently increase our presence in Cabo Delgado in order to help those in need, especially women and children,” said Lola Castro.

While acknowledging that much has been done to help victims of the crisis, the Regional Directors stressed that with displacement increasingl daily, the lack of adequate food, water, sanitation, shelter and health was exacerbating an already dire situation.