Mirriam Nyakatsare says Unlawful entry and theft was what brought her in prison on July 2020 and got her a sentence of 3 years.

In an interview with Tilda she narrates that she used to break and steal from people’s houses and steal goods then sell them.

She narrated that she and her friends who introduced her into crime, went on and broke to several houses where they stole a lot of groceries and some clothes and sold them.

Then the mobs were looking for the thieves then she hid her cousin and her friend on her room.

“Part of the mobs suspected that the thieve’s footsteps ended up in my room”, she said.

Then the next day when we had went out the police came and arrested the guy who was in her room and took him to the station.

However Mirriam managed to convince the police that she wasn’t involved and the arrested guy also went on remand and was quickly released.

On his release he came home and they planned to celebrate his release and avenge his arrest with another burglary.

They went and stole a bicycle from another house but this time they were chased and she hid them on her room again and the men chasing them followed the bicycle tracks which led to the Queen’s house.

But this time luck was not on their side as the mob chased them and she and her cousin managed to escape forcing them to relocate to Chitungwidza where they introduced themselves as husband and wife to get a room.

She added that they used to go back to their place at night and take some of the stolen goods and sell them but they got tipped that their friend was caught so they should be careful.

Miriam narrates that she then started saving money to escape and go to Mozambique but it didn’t sit well with her to go without saying goodbye to her child who resided in Chitungwidza with her father.

“Little did I know that the police had told my ex everything”, she said.

Mirriam was then caught at her ex’s house after her ex tipped the police that she was with her.

“I figured there was no way I could run away, hence i surrendered myself to the police”, she added.

Moreover Mirriam says her wish is that the society and her family could forgive her for wags she did as she learnt her lesson.