Zimbabwe Among 9 African Countries Set To Lose U.N Voting Rights

United Nations Chief Antonio Guterres has said Zimbabwe is among nine African Nations that are set to lose their voting rights as required under the U.N charter.

This announcement comes after the failure to pay dues to the United Nation’s operating budget.

On Monday, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres listed the minimum amount that the 10 countries need to pay to have their voting rights restored in a letter to General Assembly President Volkan Bozkir. Zimbabwe is required to pay $81,770.

The other countries which risk losing their voting rights include Somalia, Comoros, Congo, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Niger and Iran which tops the list with an amount of $16,251,298.

Meanwhile, the annual operating budget of the U.N is about 3.2 billion dollars. The separate budget for peace operations is about 6.5 billion dollars.