Former Zimbabwe Information Minister, Prof Jonathan Moyo, had an interview with Magamba TV in which he spoke at length about his role in Zimbabwe politics during Mugabe ‘s tenure.

Key Points

1. Pax Afro Was his best project that produced hits such as Rambai Makasinga, Hondo Ye Minda and Isaac Chirwa is one of the best producers in the world.

2. Zimbabweans Should learn to seperate things, not to be influenced by their views and also tribal basis.

3. Hondo ye Minda was not a political project, it was done to promote local music.

4. Pax Afro Back To Black project is one of the best projevt to come out of Zimbabwe. Prof Moyo says he is inundated with requests for that album.

5. MDC-T is not a political player in Zimbabwe, it’s a creation of Mnangagwa ‘s regime.

6. It does not make sense for Mwonzora to keep the title T, because the T stands for Tsvangirai.

7. You can judge a political organisation by the way it resonates with the ordinary people.

8. Only Chamisa’s MDC is worthy to be called a political party.

9. Nelson Chamisa is the first politician to break the 2 Million vote barrier.

10. Mwonzora is a beneficiary of a disputed Supreme Court Judgement.

11. How can 2014 structures produce a result in 2020.

12. If people want to know where Itai Dzamara is, they must ask Mnangagwa, Chiwenga and Mohadi.

13. Moyo regrets what he said about Itai Dzamara, he based the statement on what Mohadi reported in cabinet.

14. Mohadi reported in the meeting that Dzamara had disappeared as an internal job to put pressure on the government.

15. It then emerged that this was false. The question then became whether this was done by the CIO or by JOC.

16. There is no disappearance that happens in Zimbabwe that happens without the knowledge of state security organs.

17. These are not matters to play with. The people who are now in charge of the political system are the same people that were of the Gukurahundi, Rashiwe Guzha and Jestina Mukoko.

18. The list of people who abducted and tortured Tawanda Muchehiwa have been released but Zimbabweans are not willing to do anything about it.

19. Moyo Says he is exile because the army came to attack his home, and like Joshua Nkomo, he had to leave the country.

20. NGOs like Human Rights WATCH need to act on the information provided on people who were abducted and tortured.

21. Moyo made fun of hisown head, Musorobhangu.

22. Moyo apologized to people living on ARVs.

23. If you come through the bullet, you will not worry about the ballot.

24. Moyo Says he niw calls Mnangagwa, President.

25. Mnangagwa stole the elections using a Coup. You can’t have an Coup in November and then an election in July and expect them to be free and fair.

26. Politics in Zimbabwe over the past 3 years have been between people with guns.

27. Moyo Says he was an opposition politician in 2008. He was an independent member of Parliament of Tsholotsho.

28. 2008 was tragic because when it became clear that Mugabw had lost, they took 3 months to announce the elections results.

29. The MDC had won Parliament, but they failed to use Parliament to engage with Mugabe.

30. The MDC must take responsibility for what they did.

31. Moyo Says he believes in the foundation values of ZANU PF.

32. There has been no serious opposition party in Zimbabwe such as ZAPU.

33. ZANU PF is like a car, you can not confuse a car with transportation or driving.

34. One car can get old, but transportation and driving does not.

35. ZANU PF is old, skoriskoro.

36. Moyo Says he misses Chimukuyu from Zimbabwe.

37. Moyo became interested in Twitter from his kids and from Mduduzi Matutu.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.