Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kandungure’s Botswana manager Leo Chiweshe is reportedly refusing to meet Kadungure’s family and the executor to hand over control of the businesses.

According to media reports, the Executor of the Estate Patricia Darangwa says he  wants the court to nullify the power of Attorney given to Chiweshe and declare that Kadungure’s local companies are withoug directors following his passing on November 8.

Darangwa also wants the court to confirm the appointment of Juliet Kadungure and Nomatter Zinyengere as Financial and Operations Directors of the companies.

Darangwa has argued that Chiweshe has no authority to manage the affairs of the companiea as the power of authority under which he was acting has become invalid owing to Kadungure’s passing.

The effect of the feud is not being felt, not just by employees but also by some customers who have been struggling to refill their quick gases cylinders due to the closure of the business.