In this Live discussion, we look at the stunning accusations by former model,  modeling agency owner Sipho Mazibuko against Prof Jonathan Moyo and ZTA CEO Karikoga Kaseke.


Sipho Mazibuko Allegations

11 years ago I was admitted at ingutsheni hospital after suffering a full nervous breakdown. The main trigger for my breakdown was the emotional abuse that i endured at the hands of the the then C.E.O of Zimbabwe Tourism Authority Karikoka kaseke.

My biggest crime was refusing to sleep with Kaseke. He would summon me to his office sometimes at 9pm. He would tell me to come ALONE.

After I continued refusing he threatened to crush me because i was a VERY useless Ndebele b…..h. He threatened to squash my lawyer husband like a fly on the wall if.i dared speak out.

My 2 models suddenly disappeared from our bootcamp at Harare Holiday Inn. They resurfaced at a press conference held at ZTA offices where tbey gave out statements that i was abusing the models and getting men for them.

I got arrested and was thrown into the filthy Harare Central police holding cells for almost a week. The other rural models cane to my rescue by disputing the claims and the case was thrown out and I was freed.

Because of the publicity my arrest attracted I suffered silently. I was powerless and feared for my life. The man was very powerful and I was helpless.

I thank Miss Rural Chivhu at the time Judith who refused the 1000usd offered to her to tarnish my name and alerted me of the scam about to unfold.

Eventually I crashed completely and had a FULL NERVOUS BREAKDOWN and was admitted at Ingutsheni hospital for a month.

I have since recovered and am a stronger woman NOW. What I was put through strengthened me.

I am now a voice against the many voiceless women who have been abused by men in so called POWER. Judge me all you want but i will never be a VICTIM AGAIN.

They also wanted to wrestle MISS Rural Zimbabwe away from me but i refused and quickly registered MISS Rural as a trademark in order to protect my intellectual property.

Nothing will STOP MISS Rural Zimbabwe again except for God who gave me the idea of starting a pageant that will put the rural girl child the same platform given to the urban girl child.

I am a strong BIPOLAR survivor and I have picked myself and dusted myself. I refuse to be a VICTIM AGAIN Sipho NaZoe Mazibuko I have worked with you and honestly I am heartbroken I hope this is not true for someone who was or is still our Ambassador in tourism

In his response, Prof Jonathan Moyo twitted: