It is unusual for an individual to wake up during his or her funeral however it has happened before. Meet the following people who woke up during their funerals.

10. Noela Rukundo a Burundi International based in Australia.

Noela’s returned back to Burundi to attend her mother’s funeral however, his husbad hired some hitmen to kill her. The mission did not go as planned as the hitmet got the money and released Noela with enough evidence which proved that his husband had planned her death. Days after her dissapearance, the husband announced that Noela died in a tragic accident. However, Noela returned during her funeral. Her husband was sentenced to 9 years in prison.

9. Timothy Dexter

Ever wondered what your funeral would like? So did Timothy Dexter. But unlike you, he actually went and did something about it: he faked his own death. Over 3,000 people showed up to his funeral at his princely mansion in Newburyport, largely out of curiosity.

8. Gilberto Araujo

Gilberto Araújo, a 41-year-old car-washer from Brazil, whose unexpected arrival at his own wake reportedly sparked terror and then delight among his family and friends.

Araújo’s family, from the town of Alagoinhas, about 70 miles from Salvador, had mistakenly identified a body in the local morgue as his and were mourning his death on Sunday night when the man they believed was in the coffin beside them showed up at the front door.

7. Felix Bush Breazeale

Spent 5 years planning his own funeral. He had no friends no wife, he just wanted to hear what the pastor would say about him. 8000 people attended the funeral.

6. Kong Channeang

He was suffering from mental illness. His family believed that he had committed suicide however he appeared during his funeral.

5. Frederick Ward

He was just a thief fleeing away from the police using a horse, the horse got tired then the police mistakenly shot a different man who was believed to be Federick

4. Zhang Deyang

Never married and never had childred. He thought no one will care when he dies, he planned his funeral.

3. Dragan and Dragica Maric

These two had no children, they organised their own funerals. They bought food for everyone.

2. Ademir Jorge Goncalves

His relatives identified him as a victim of a car accident however he returner during his funeral.

1. Zeng Jia

In 2013 after attending his father’s funeral she planned her funeral just to hear what her friends would say about her.

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