Watch 5 Grace Mugabe’s Craziest Moments

Former first lady Grace Mugabe is well known for speaking out her mind which often come with some crazy moments.

Grace attacked Kazembe Kazembe who by then was the vice chairperson for ZANU PF Mashonaland west and assistant to Saviour Kasukuwere’s brother Dickson for attacking Kasukuwere and being presumptuous of in trying to replace Dickson.

Grace also blasted Ray Kaukonde accusing of failing to know who was behind factionalism in his province Mashonaland East and back stabbing the first lady and the first family.

She also attacked George Charamba for using the state newspaper the Herald as a platform for attacking ministers such as Saviour Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo.

The former first lady also attacked Joice Mujuru and called her Queen B emphasizing the point that she is the one who made Mujuru to be where she was.

Grace humiliated ED Mnangagwa for referring to himself as the long awaited leader to come.