Economic Freedom Fighters leader(EFF), Julius Malema has urged all African presidents to open borders.

Speaking to the members of media fraternity, Malema said the disease did not come from Zimbabwe or Lesotho but from Europe and Asian Countries.

Malema also said there is no point in closing borders for SADC countries whilst you open gates for white people as they usually use air transport.

“It was white people who brought the disease here and when we told the government to deal with whites through forceful quarintine they did not listen because the travellers were whites. We said to them close the airports because its these whites who bring the disease,” added Malema.

Malema went on to criticise the South African government citing that the leaders are behaving in a manner to please whites or europeans.

The criticism from Julius Malema comes after Cyril Ramaphosa announced that all borders are to be closed in order to avoid the further spread of the Covid-19.