Bindura gold dealer Kudzanai Kangara died of Covid-19 at Chitungwiza Hospital on Sunday and was buried in his rural home in Shamva, on Monday.

Kangara lived a life of glitz and glamour in the town’s Aerodrome suburb.

To show off his wealth, a couple of US dollars had to be buried with him, according to the Herald.

Kangara is survived by three official wives and 13 children.

Kangara had bought over 10 houses in the same street where he lived and had started renovating them to meet his desired standards.

Inside the yard, one was greeted by a range of upmarket vehicles including a Range Rover, Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, Mercedes Benz X-Class, a McLaren, among many other Toyota brands such as Prados and Land cruisers.

Kangara would flaunt his wealth, especially vehicles, at the nearby Aerodrome Shopping Centre, where he would sometimes drive with bars of gold placed on the dashboard.

In 2019, he hogged the limelight after he shot a man at his offices in Aerodrome alleging he wanted to rob him.

Kangara grew up an orphan following the death of his parents.

He worked at Trojan Nickel Mine in Bindura as an electrician. He worked there for five years and lost his job when the mine closed.

“He did temporary teaching at Zvomanyanga and married Refaisi Dambaza. He didn’t manage to proceed to a teachers’ college as planned. He did farming at his in-laws to raise money to buy a car to start a pirate taxi business and plied the Madziwa-Goora route.

Kangara helped people in the community he lived and whenever he maintained his house he also included his neighbours’ houses,” he said.