Trevor Ncube Condemns the Arrest of Chinono, Mahere and Sikhala

Zimbabwean entrepreneur and newspaper publisher Trevor Ncube has condemned the arrest of advocate Fadzayi Mahere, Hopewell Chinono and Job Sikhala.

In a statement issued by Ncube on social media, the violation is more wicked because the state used a law that was scrapped off.

“The three were charged under a law that was struck down by the constitutional court in 2014”, he added.

He further added that instead of persecuting the three, the state was supposed to assure the public it will investigate the matter and if found guilty bring to the law the offender.

Moreover Ncube said the state is responsible for the safety of its citizens but the Zimbabwean government is doing the opposite which is intimidating it’s citizens.

“Images of Hopewell and others in leg irons is meant to intimidate those who dare to ask uncomfortable questions of the state”, said Ncube.