Popular Zimbabwean Agriculture Tech Entrepreneur, Kuda Musasiwa, has revealed that his doctor refused to discharge him this morning, advising him to complete his treatment.

Kuda, who was in the ICU for 11 days, wrote on Facebook :

Hey Everyone. Today I am learning to type again. I have to learn my kids names and the name of my beautiful wife. i haven’t seen or hugged them in over 5 weeks. I’m “typing” no shirt at St Annes when i tried to discharge myself this morning. Dr , who has been my life saver looked at me and said “if all things go tits up, then you will have NO BED. Finish your healing! This disease is bad. I have met over 15 young men and women, who have only left using the Nyaradzo Tent down stairs. I cant walk… properly. I can’t use my “prize possessions”.
I remember the night my wife was texting random people saying “My husband is dying can you help” I owe many my life! I still have a lot of recovery to do. I love you all, Grateful in the team who have proved I’m not as immoveable as i thought. They have made me proud. I’m still sick with the new SA strain… imagine that 😭