A convicted tsikamutanda, Lovemore Majarati says he murdered his mother in law and brother in law after he was tipped that the two were planning to deny him an opportunity to mary his then girl friend as his third wife.

Speaking at the Behind Bars show, the tsikamutanda said he was told by a friend of his girl friend that his mother in law had scheduled to get the daughter married to another man.

“A friend of my girl friend came to my house and questioned my powers as she claimed that I couldn’t see that my girl friend had been impregnated by another man,” said Majarita.

Lovemore said he got possesed by a demon soon after hearing that his girl friend was carrying another man’s baby.

“I then planned to kill my girl friend. I was really hurt, I went to her home and questioned her about her other man,” added Majarita.

However, convicted Majarita said he later changed his mind and decided to kill the mother in law after he managed to get his mother in law and brother in law drunk.

Later, he went and got his father in law from the bar he was drinking from and killed him at the same spot.

Majarita said he used a knife to cut-off the heads of his mother and father in law.

Majarita said he was arrested after the police discovered a photo album which he dropped by mistake when he was busy murdering the mother in law.

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