The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Cooperation has released a video of a woman Rebecca Musasriri who claims that she is the woman whose baby was allegedly beaten by the Police.

In the video Musasriri rubbished the claims that her baby is dead saying she is fine and the baby is alive and kicking.

“inini ndiri right, iye ndiri mupenyu, mwana ari right, uye mupenyu, ndini mai vemwana wenyaya iri kufamba pa social media”, she said.

Adding on, Musariri went on to defend the police and said her baby was not hit by a baton stick.

“Glass ndorakawira ku mwana, neni wacho. Hapana akarohwa ne baton stick”, she said.


Last week a video of a woman holdingĀ  a lifeless baby went viral on social with claims that the baby was hit by a police officer.

The woman was even seen becoming physically violent to the police officer who was claimed to have beaten the baby.

However in response to the video many Zimbaweans were saying the interview was staged.

“So why were you holding officer’s t-shirt, what kind of disrespect is that to the public, muvharirei ”

“That woman knows that’s she is lying she can’t even look up. Shame in the systen. Stage managed”

“She should be arrested for communicating falsehoodcause akanyepera Kut Mwana aurawa. Also she knows to ve charged for undermining police authority. Akadhonza muporisa collar ka”

“She isn’t the same woman taisirwa ghost apa”

“Paid she has no option”