WATCH LIVE: How Four Zimbabwe Army Generals Were Involved In Jacob Mafume’s Arrest

Gambakwe Media sources have exclusively revealed that jailed Harare Mayor, Jacob Mafume, was under pressure for months to provide residential stands to four Zimbabwe Army Generals in Harare before he was arrested.

After Mafume failed to sign over the four stands, he was arrested and has now been in remand prison for for over 26 days.

Mafume’s next court date will on the 28th of January 2021.

Chain Of Events

9 September 2020 – Jacob Mafume Elected Harare Mayor

25 November 2020 – Jacob Mafume is arrested for the first time after his sister (Rotina Mafume) and secretary (Rutendo Muvuti) were allocated residential stands in Westlea under unclear circumstances in March 2020.

8 December 2020 – Jacob Mafume is granted ZWL 30 000 Bail

9 – 12 December 2020 – Jacob Mafume is tipped off that he faced arrest in Victoria Falls and asks the Deputy Mayoe to attend the Zimbabwe Local government association summit in his place.

15 December 2020 – Jacob Mafume is arrested in at Avondale by plain clothes policemen.

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Why Residential Stands?

On 15 September Zimbabwe morning posts reported that Senior Army official Anslem Sanyatwe was granted an unserviced residential stand in Mt Pleasant while he did not qualify as he was already allocated a stand in 2018.

The newspaper revealed that Harare City Council officials often allocate residential stands to ZANU-PF officials as a way of protecting themselves in the toxic Zimbabwe political landscape.

Four Army Generals

Gambakwe Media sources revealed that Mafume was being pressured to sign off four residential stands for Arny Generals but refused to or was unable to.

Sensing pressure, Mafume approached ZCC Leader Mutendi, who is his blood relative for assistance.

Mafume was hoping that Mutendi would use his close connections with Mnangagwa to put the pressure on the Army Generals, but Bishop Mutendi reportedly refused or was unable to act.

Mysterious Woman

A mysterious woman is said to have called Mafume insisting that she was able to assist him with his case.

Out of desperation, Mafume is said to have agreed to meet the woman.

However , when he went meet the woman, he found the witness in his court case, Edgar Dzehonye, sitting in the back of the car!

Mafume therefore fell into a trap and was immediately arrested by state security agents.


The courts in Harare Facebook now being used by powerful political and military figures to settle their political scores.

In Mafume’s case, the crime he is being accused of happened long before he was Mayor.