Uganda’s communications regulator is reportedly to have ordered Internet Service providers to shut down social media and messaging services.

The list of banned social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Signal and Viber.

On Monday it is allegedly that a list of over 100 virtual private networks was distributed to internet service providers by the UCC with the orders to block them.

Reuters Africa has also confirmed that Uganda Communications Commision (UCC) ordered the shut down of social media platforms.

However, UCC spokesman Ibrahim Bbosa told Aljezeera that he was not aware of the order to shut down the social media platforms.

“I am not aware of a directive to switch off internet or social media platforms.”

“There has been slow connectivity on the platforms which can be partly due to heavy traffic as a result of the forthcoming elections” he said.

Ugandan elections are scheduled to take place on Thursday 14 January with 11 participants set to battle for presidential position. Among the candidates, Yoweri Museveni will be battling against Bobi Wine who got his house raided by the military earlier today.