The  leader of the National Unity Party Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine was forced to cut short his interview with Royal Media’s Hot 96 radio as the military raided his Kampala home.

Speaking on the Hot Breakfast show earlier today with Jeff Koinange and comedian professor Hamo, Bob Wine said the Ugandan military was attempting to break into his compound.

“So I am sorry even right now as we speak, we are being raided by the military. I have to end the interview because I can see soldiers beating up my security guards. I have to go down and give it attention,” said Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine also confirmed via social media platforms that his house  has been raided by yhe armed forces.

Bobi Wine also said more than 500 supporters of his party have been arrested.

Meanwhile, on Thursday approximately 17.6 million Ugandan voters are expected to cast their ballots in the presidential and parliamentray elections.

Bobi Wine will contest with 10 participants including Yoweri Museveni.Last week Bobi Wine vowed to beat Museveni by over 80% votes.